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In her own words...

"I have always had a love of Faeries, faerytales, magick and a fascination with the other worlds.

I have vivid memories of talking to my fairy friends as a child, and was always writing stories for myself and friends. After 'growing up' and owning/operating a child care centre with my mum, I moved to Melbourne where I began entertaining as The Magickal Faerie Crystall, performing magic in Kindergartens, Childcare Centres, Libraries, Birthday parties and Corporate events. I loved this full time job! For 20 years I traveled about, leaving a trail of fairy dust and giggles in my wake. 

I always have photographed the kids in my care, or drawn them, way back when I was in my teens. Those were my practise years. Then in 2006 I started taking photos professionally. I wanted to do what I am doing now, but didn't have the know how, or the ability. So I began to teach myself manipulations, carefully setting up a background photo, and then perfectly lighting a model to slip right in....but then I moved overseas for three very very long years. I began to pinch friends images, and work some fairy magic on those. My manipulation page, was born. I learned to mix pictures of different qualities, colourings, sizes, and angles.

We came home (yay) and I had a little princess (happy 40th!). I itched to be creative, not have to put her in care, and pay the grocery bills. I took a deep breath, painted a backdrop, began playing around with what I wanted to achieve... I practiced... I despaired.. then I found the 'magic sparkle' I needed - what I had been looking for. I started to grab friends with kids, or pretty much anyone that stood still long enough for me to throw flowers in their hair and don a pair of wings. I begged a neighbour for a log from his garden... he declined, but the faeries tickled his ears after I left, and he delivered the perfect log not half hour later. I began collecting pretty dresses, more flowers, and now, I have GARDEN BABIES Fine Fairy Art. I'm so pleased to be able to share it with you."


With more than 20 years experience as a Fairy Magician and story teller, a flair for the arts, and a Diploma in Childcare, working with children and creating gorgeous fairy world photos is a dream realised for Kelly.

Also a published and award winning author and illustrator, Kelly's success in the creative arts is not limited to her beautiful photos.

Kelly lives in Melbourne's South East, and is the proud mother of two.


Kelly's bubbly and warm personality brings something extra special to your next portrait session, and can put even the most reluctant subject at ease.


Kelly McDonald Photographer, Garden Babies Fine Fairy Art, Fairy Photographer Melbourne, Mumpreneur winner
Kelly McDonald Photographer, Ausmumpreneur winner 2015, Mumpreneur winner
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