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The O.S.S.C.

(Official Secret Santa Club)

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Within Australia

There comes a time when a child wants to know all the details about Santa.

They may have questions. They may think they have the answers.


Is it time for them to join the Secret Society?

Is it time for them to be part of the magic?

Nominate them for the Official Secret Santa Club today!

The O.S.S.C. is the perfect 'soft landing' for kids who are ready for the

next stage of Christmas joy. This top secret induction pack tells them the

truth about the big man in red in a gentle and non-patronising way, and introduces them to their next important role in perpetuating the beauty and magic of Christmas.

    Each pack contains:

  •  A welcome letter

  •  A beautiful old world A4 magazine explaining everything                   

  •  2 top secret forms / certificates for member's eyes only

  •  An instruction letter from the person who nominates them

  •  A beautiful hand crafted laser-cut wooden tag/ ornament, made in Australia 

Give your children (and yourselves) the gift of an uncomplicated transition

from believer to secret keeper! 

Packs cost $25 each including postage within Australia

Apologies - packs are not available outside of Australia.

Fundraising options also available within Australia - send a message with your enquiry.

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